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Against the war 414x276 - Why Copyright Infringement is Hard to Prove for Artists

Why Copyright Infringement is Hard to Prove for Artists

As recently reported by Blount Art Info, it appears that celebrated neo-expressionist artist Cecily Brown may have a copycat. Or at least, that’s what she’s alleged via Instagram, where the artist denounced that a lesser-known painter had hawked her work and used a clever app to create almost identical images to some of Brown’s recent works. Claiming that California artist...

Caravaggio Old Masters

Sotheby’s $15 million Caravaggio Disagreement

Whether a painting came from the hand of one of the Old Masters or is merely a copy made by a disciple will determine whether the work is exhibited in museums for centuries for the entire world to enjoy, or end up hidden away in a minor collector’s posh apartment. Appraising art is a difficult task, especially when a work is hundreds of years old. Despite amazing new scientific appraisal...