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Copyright Registration

Tactics for Fighting Online Piracy

At some point in any visual artist’s career, they will undoubtedly consider how to protect their work from infringements. Here are some tactics that might help.

Etsy Copyright Infringement

The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements?

Instagram Photo at gagosian

Stealing Instagram Photos is Easier Than You Think

In his new exhibition, Richard Prince has taken other people's Instagram photos and is telling them for around $100,000 each. Prince claims the works are legal under the fair use doctrine. Is he right? And if not, does it even matter?

Photo Sharing

Six Steps to Safer Image Sharing

Despite the unfortunate reality that image sharing on the Internet can lead to misappropriation of your work, there are some steps that can minimize the risks.